About Us

Formerly, Impact Irrigation established in 1998, Accurate Irrigation is more then your typical landscape irrigation company. Founder Micah Posten has dedicated himself to continually learning and growing with the ever changing landscape industry. Concentrating on the conservation of water, Accurate strives to stay on top of the new technology that not only makes watering your lawn easier, but makes the watering more precise. This in turn not only keeps the water cost down, but conserves one of the Earths most precious resources. From a simple rain sensor to the newest WIFI controller, Accurate can and will find the best and most accurate way to keep your lawn and shrubs thriving , while keeping your budget in check.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish great working relationships with our customers, continue to provide excellent costumer service, and do this all successfully within a reasonable budget!

Our Clients

Our clients should want a better lawn, a better brighter landscape, and patio experience like no other. With our services we are able go well beyond our clients expectations.

Our Advantages

Our clients work direcltly with the owner. We strive for continual education of our customers as well our staff. This, in turn, improves upon our already strong dedication to be the best resource for your landscape needs.